Best free download PC Games

How to install games without errors

Please follow all the instructions below so that you will not have any problems installing the game.

1. Most new games require operating system 64-bit version so please install the operating system 64-bit version

2. Check minimum system requirements of the game to ensure your computer can run the game you want to play

3. Download and install all support software ( Windows 64-bit you must install 64-bit and 32-bit version of all Visual C++ ) – LINK

  •  Windows 7 ( DirectX, Visual C++, Net Framework 4.6, KB2670838  )
  •  Windows 8 ( DirectX, Visual C++, Net Framework 3.5  )
  •  Windows 10 ( DirectX, Visual C++, Net Framework 3.5  )

4. Disabled User Account Control in Control Pannel

5. Disabled Antivirus Firewall

5. Always Run game as Administrator