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Frequently Asked Questions

      1. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the Tutorial by clicking the link above

      2. Does the game work?

All games have been successfully installed, launched the first screen successfully on Windows 10

      3. Does the game have virus?

All games have been successfully installed under the protection of Avast Antivirus Software ( Only a few games detect false positive for viruses – We will show you how to fix errors during the installation )

      4. How to fix corrupted game files  ?

Open Utorrent or BitTorrent software > Right click game is corrupted > Stop > Right click again choose Re-Checked

If the game file is still corrupted, please download the game again

      5. Where is the crack folder of game?

The CRACK folder is in the ISO file of game

      6. If you get message ” game stopped working “, black screen or game not working

Most new games require Windows 64-bit version so please install the Windows 64-bit version

Check minimum system requirements of the game to ensure your computer can run the game you want to play

Some antivirus programs will block Crack files, add game folder to exception your antivirus and copy Crack files again

Make sure you copy all files in the Crack folder paste to Game installation directory

Download and install all support software: LINK

      7. If you get: missing MSVCP100.dll or some another .dll files missing

Download and install all support software: LINK

      8. If the game does not automatically save or can’t save

Disabled User Account Control in Control Pannel and always run game as Administrator

      9. If the game requires a serial key when starting game

Make sure you copy all files in the Crack folder paste to Game installation directory ( Show Copy and Replace old files popup is correct )

      10. Steam software open when playing games

Log-out account Steam – Close the Steam icon in the taskbar – Make sure you copy all files in the Crack folder paste to Game installation directory

      11. Encountered other errors

Please search for how to fix games on Google or Youtube